Adventure Island

Well, Adventure Island is the U.Kís No.1 Free Admission Fun Park!
Which means you donít pay to enter, you ride the rides with our great value Ride Bands. So if some of your party donít enjoy the rides (???) - They donít have to pay to enter!
We have over 40 rides and attractions and thatís not including the Prize Arcades, cafes, restaurants, sideshows and games. But we donít cover acres and acres of area, so you wonít spend all day walking from one ride to another. Itís off one ride and straight on to another.
And because there are so many rides, you wonít be queuing all day. Our queues are short and fast moving even on busy days.

  • Currently: Clear sky, 8° C
  • Sunday: Sunny, 10° C
  • Monday: Light rain, 8° C